Dome Cam

The DomeCam uses 180 degree servo motors to sweep a video cameras field of view through 360 degrees to provide a view of a complete hemisphere.


These are test programs I wrote to demo the possibilities at a recent DorkbotPdx meeting. The first directs an Arduino to scan the horizon on a 10 second cycle. The second rights the resulting video with QuartzComposer patches.

  #include <Servo.h> 

Servo x, y;

void setup() { x.attach(9); y.attach(10); }

int period = 10; float scale = 2 * 3.141592 / (period * 1000);

void loop() { float t = millis()*scale; x.write(80*(1+sin(t))); y.write(80*(1+cos(t))); delay(15); }


Look here for movies soon.


Last edited October 4, 2009
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