Alan Parker runs solo on the big water Jan 9, 2005

Boated from Dinely Bridge to the end of the road past the real Slick Rock in the lake bottom. The water was big and brown. At 1:00PM the gauge at Dinely read 2.65 ft. Cat Eye had huge holes. I skirted the left side but still hit some. I was solo. Could not get anyone to go. Ran Suicide left side, The Chair right side, portaged Upper Slicky because of recirculation of logs with ropes wrapped around them at the bottom of the drop. Ran Lower Slicky far right side. Golf Course had huge curlers, ran right. Ran Dead Cow Rapid instead of Lovers, big haystacks. Holiday, huge surging eddy lines. If you got in trouble, you would have to paddle up hill to get on top of the boils, big curlers and holes everywhere with major boulders covered. I portaged upper, the middle, and then put in and ran bottom left side, real exciting, big water!!!! Huge waves on the straight away section just before Slick Rock parking area comes into view from the river. The new retaining wall construction next to the Holiday Lodge had huge piles of sand. The river was right up against the piles pulling the sand into the river. I guess they thought they were far enough from the river's edge when they initially dropped the sand there. Don't know if I'd do that again by myself.

Webmaster comment: Alan, you are awesome. Thanks for the report!

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