2005 Log Hazards: Upper North Fork Above Yucca Creek

This is Sage Root's Report of April 11, 2005:
Seven of us ran the Upper North Fork yesterday at 1.7 on the gauge. The level was great and we found a couple of trees that others should know about. The first one is in the second rapid after that putin slide, it can be seen from the trail on the hike in and takes up the river left channel but is easily avoidable.

The second tree is in the rapid right after Boofing Congestion The tree has fallen into the main current from river left with all of the current feeding straight into it, and it is not very visible from above. The rapid looks like a boof right from above until you get to the lip and see a rock and straighten out, but then you are heading straight for the tree. Probably not deadly but itís a pretty good surprise when you get there.

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